Saturday, January 14, 2012


In a world of disappointments & heartbreaks, we seem 2 have our fair share. I for one have looked straight in the face of a goodbye.

Walking on the very edge of darkness...
even all this time. Though that may be my reality, I refuse 2 fall.

On the verge of a break down, something from within always encourages me 2 avoid that bleed out.

There's just 2 much more precious 2 lose.


Just can't allow myself 2 succumb 2 the weakness 
no matter how many times.
Just when the four walls try 2 cave me 
in & the ground underneath starts 2 shake.

It's always the idea of hope that clings - while hoping 
2 God that it never leaves.

Yep!....even after all this time. 
Even after the negativity make it's attempt 2 take 
it all away, everything just simply turns 2 dust.

Knowing this beautiful rule, the bullets & all 
the bombs fired only makes me stronger.

So go on ahead....take your shot & see 
if I fall.

Ain't happening.

Peace!.....with 2 fingers;)

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