Thursday, July 16, 2015

Photographer's Rant - Where 2 Start.

Life in Maine has been a bit more tolerable since the horrid 
weather finally broke. 
You would think snow wasn't a big deal 
coming from Chicago winters but dayum seriously?
 I'm just glad it's finally over....(fo' real!)

So with temperatures rising & days growing longer what is there 2 do?
Surely not into the whole camping or hiking

Maybe I'll check out those "first fridays" where
 local artist come out showing' off their inspirations.
It's always good 2 see what others are doing as a so-called artist. 

There's a slew of local restaurants 
& snazzy eclectic spots
How about some Peak's Island? 
That'll be interesting...they have reggae on Sunday nights...hmmm;)
Never been on an island before.

One thing for sure, whatever the route, I'm sure 2 
make it my very own.
My way....yep! 
Even here in

Guess I'll take a stroll through  
Monument Square &
see what's really happening.
(this is actually my first video outdoor project of 2015. 
...ok, ok, ok....)

Let's go!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Oh!!! the way.
Would you ever be so thoughtful in helping support the PW2 project
while we continue 2 saturate the madness!
Come buy a shirt!;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


When I left hometown Chicago 4 years ago, honestly I had absolutely no clue 
what was doing.

It was surely an impulsive & irresponsible transition 
say the least.

My thinking was that we can do whatever we wanted in this 
life of ours. It's our choice from start 2 finish. 

It's a pretty big world out there & felt the 
need 2 see it for myself. 
It's all about the experience man!

But as much as we may see that perfect picture, 
it never turns out that way & that's ok.
The greatest lesson learned thus far is being careful with 
everything you do or say cause you can NEVER take it back. 
Reputation is everything so protect it. 

We have control over our own lives at any time 2 make 
a fresh start. Easier said than done...but possible. 
Can you dig it?
What kind of world do you want?....think anything.
Let's start at the a masterpiece. 

Be careful what you wish for.....
HISTORY starts now!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Photographer's Rant #1.

Strange as it may seem, I've often made a personal reminder 2 at some point revisit this one particular corner 
(the tech port building) with the 2 street split. we are

Oh yeah, I'm always looking' 2 capture things most folk would hardly ever notice. That's the greatest attribute of an amazing photographer.
(in case you're wondering , it's a residential

Ok, ok. It's about time 2 turn in for the day & get back to my NBA Tv but one more shot for the road. 

Hmmm...this looks interesting. 

An outdated ventilation system...or maybe a heater? (Whatever the case, I dig it.)

This is how my photography escapades usually go...Grab the camera, shoot something, shoot anything, shoot everything. 
(that has a sweet ring 2 it...hmmmm). 
Something special always have the tendency 2 rise from the ashes...

Who is this all for you may ask? 
That's right!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)