Sunday, February 7, 2016

Busted Betsy;(

Lets say farewell 2 Tammy's old ride Betsy. 
yes, she had a name;)

The infamous black Nissan been around the 
block a billion times & has been such a reliable 
resource during the wild escapades in Chicago...
or how about that whacky transition 2 Georgia! 
There were definitely times when you were 
rewarded with the ultimate gas for getting us 
through the most unwelcoming of places. 
(clear throat...the south.)

Then there was even the time when we came 
about our wits & headed back up north 2 New England.
Something we like 2 call "13 states in 22 hours".

Er'Day. from The Weddington Adventures. on Vimeo.
Well it's about that time for something new. 
Maybe something a bit more roomy, 
even some cool bells & whistles will do some justice
You can never go wrong with that.

Something tells me that this process is 
gonna be one indecision & uncertainty. 
Like mama always say, just go with it man.
So lets head on over 2 the local car spot & start 
the lookin' despite the recent 6 inches of fresh 
snow that just dumped on Portland....again....
(Sheesh!....this should be fun.)

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)