Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Every now&then the need for a little 
R&R is right on time. 

Lady Tam convinces your boy 2 tag along for  
some outdoor activities. 
Camping was never my thing cause 
life is tough enough as it is...
lol (kidding!)

Cabin, canoes & burgers ended 
up being the coolest of times.

OneEar. from The Weddington Adventures. on Vimeo.

We all need 2 exhale with a cold 
one let the noise go & chill.

Nothing else matters for it's one 
ear & out the other.
Would I be interested in doing this again?
probably not.
I enjoy my wifi & cable a tad bit much...

We always seem 2 make something 
out of any experience no 
matter the place. 

Still brings a smile.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Growing up in the inner city of Chicago with gangs, 
violence & hopelessness, there wasn't much 2 look 
up 2 on the positive spectrum. 

Options were extremely limited while diligently 
searching for something truly impactful until one day 
getting my hands on a small paperback 
Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley 
at a local thrift store....
A thrift store. Really? (lol)...
things surely happens for a reason;)

This is when things began 2 open up with the ambition 2 read about history, culture & identity. Amazed at how such a book about a young man with a troubled past while facing the odds during the 1960's could make a massive impact. 

One thing that stood out about Malcolm was his motivation 2 teach self while incarcerated making him one of our prolific thinkers of that time.  

If he could achieve such a task, 
then what's my excuse?

From that point, life drastically changed knowing despite 
the condition in which lived, perseverance 
with a bold fearless approach would 
pay off 2 be so much more.

Knowing this, it become my duty 
& responsibility 2 ensure that his life is remembered with a greater appreciation. 

Hmmph...I wonder how would things be today
 if someone like him ever existed for he wasn't 
just any ordinary man....he was.. 


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Friday, November 25, 2016


There’s been many social changes since The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s with the struggle for human equality but remains difficult 2 comprehend how another person can ever claim superiority over another.

The audacity.

 Fast forward to 2016 where rights remain violated due to the color of a person’s skin, gender & faith. 


This is why I see an importance of keeping this particular segment of history alive & brought to the forefront. 

With the recent pulse of bold ignorance exhibited by insecure grumpy men young & old, the sacrifices of those before me who laid their lives on the line cannot & will not be dismissed.

Despite the dangers during that period, peaceful demonstration displayed the power of the human spirit & exposed the foul attitudes of those who oppose. 

Regardless, heads remain high….  
Sprayed with high powered water hoses, beaten with police batons, mauled by dogs, even killed clearly shows the true face of injustice that continues 2 this very day. 

So ask yourself, are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

C’mon man!!
Why should we even have to explain such a basic life principle that should be considered common decency?

History has the tendency to repeat itself but is our responsibility 2 prevent such painful events from reoccurring. 

So now is the time for all of us 2 do “betta” yall.

Here is the first installment of a series explaining the relevance of that time & what it means 2 be me.

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


**Working within the wonderful world of psychiatry, I've come across literally hundreds of amazing people with awesome stories who happen to be homeless with no options may I add. This population usually stays under the radar & are considered the unforgotten. 

Here's a series of eye opening facts pertaining 2 the homeless & Another2fingers production of my own personal interpretation of this widespread problem. 

*Remember: The more you know, the more you grow...right?;)

Fact 1: Over half a million people are homeless. On any given night, there are over 600,000 homeless people in the U.S., according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Fact 2: One quarter of homeless people are children. HUD reports that on any given night, over 138,000 of the homeless in the U.S. are children under the age of 18. Thousands of these homeless children are unaccompanied, according to HUD. 
Fact 3: Tens of thousands of veterans are homeless. Over 57,000 veterans are homeless each night, according to HUD. Sixty percent of them are in shelters, the rest unsheltered. 
Fact 4: Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness among women. More than 90 percent of homeless women are victims of severe physical or sexual abuse, and escaping that abuse is a leading cause of their homelessness. 

Homeless. from The Weddington Adventures. on Vimeo.

Fact 5: Many people are homeless because they cannot afford rent. The lack of affordable housing is a primary cause of homelessness. HUD has seen its budget slashed by over 50 percent in recent decades, resulting in the loss of 10,000 units of subsidized low-income housing each and every year.
Fact 6: There are fewer places for poor people to rent than before.  One eighth of the nation’s supply of low-income housing has been permanently lost since 2001. The U.S. needs at least 7 million more affordable apartments for low-income families, and as a result, millions of families spend more than half of their monthly income on rent.
Fact 7: In the last few years millions have lost their homes. Over 5 million homes have been foreclosed on since 2008; that’s one out of every 10 homes with a mortgage. 
Fact 9: One in five homeless people suffers from untreated severe mental illness. While about 6 percent of the general population suffers from severe mental illness, 20 to 25 percent of the homeless suffer from severe mental illness, 
Fact 10: Cities are increasingly making homelessness a crime. 24 percent of Major cities make it a city-wide crime to beg in public, 33 percent make it illegal to stand around or loiter anyplace in the city, 18 percent make it a crime to sleep anywhere in public, 43 percent make it illegal to sleep in your car, and 53 percent make it illegal to sit or lie down in particular public places. And the number of cities criminalizing homelessness is steadily increasing. 

For more information, look to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, whose publications were very helpful with this piece, as well as the National Center for Homeless Education and the National Coalition on the Homeless.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


I know there will come a time when 
we leave this plane onto another.

 Until then, we have 2 pretend while putting off the pain.
May not be what we want but it's what we need for
sometimes the only way around it is 2 let love do it's work. 

It's been nearly 6 years since losing 
sister Vivian & here we are again 
with another shattering loss. 

My eldest sister "Jackie" battled cancer for several 
years & left us September 10, 2016.
She was known for being extra assertive yet kind. 
Silly but stern.... 
Guess you can say that she had the 
most perfect balance of everything.

Though unable 2 fulfill her dream of establishing 
she has laid the foundation as a vocal leader 
for those who couldn't be heard.
It was pretty apparent who the 
hands down leader was over the years 
growing up in the Weddington home. 

We just knew it was gonna be alright cause 
she was always there.

....Now is the time 2 fully stand on my own.

Rest in Peace big sister.
We love you.

Peace!....with 2 fingers;)

Southside Economic Development Project

Monday, August 1, 2016


Off again on another one of 
those random Tammy moments. 
This time we end up on a camping excursion 
with kayaks & all. 

Large bodies of water over 10 feet 
makes me nervous so keeping 
it on dry land is the very 
best option here...

besides, who else could shoot the video?
  (lol whatever).

Taking this trip was more so for 
Miss Tammy who needed some much 
needed time away from the noise. 

Funny 2 say, this particular spot is 
known for weekend parties, 
speed boats, beer & thangs so 
quiet was occasional. 

Regardless, it did the trick....

for now.

Peace!....with 2 fingers;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


After picking up the new ride 
from the local dealership, 
we did the obvious...

with the trusty Canon of course;)

That's right, straight through 
the streets of Portland.
No destination, just wherever 
the wind take us.
It's usually better that way.
Come 2 think of it, 
I don't think there's ever been a 
time when we followed 
a actual plan.
"Just wing it man."

Welcome 2 my world.

Oh yeah!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)