Friday, August 31, 2012


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Once again, out & about in sunny Atlanta for some RT (Recreational Therapy). 
So what is there 2 do?...hmmm....

How about taking in the sights?
Let's see...
There's the CNN building where in which we're huge viewers, 
the golden dome known as the people's capital...

Lets see whats in there....
the small spot with the big metal pig on top?  
Lets have some BBQ.
OK, enough of this...lets go...
Look at that house! Look at that lake!  Look at those stairs! Oh!....there's a swing!

"lets go there!"....  
...."but T that's not our house. I rather not."
Now we're knocking on some stranger's door & before you know it we're enjoying the beauty as if it was our own.  
...that's just how we "PLAY".


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Daddy D'z.

Driving through sunny Atlanta with lady Tammy, we happened across the infamous BBQ joynt"I'm Dyin for Daddy D'z".

The sign itself did it for us & straight in we went. 
Guess we just had 2 see for ourselves....

Bonifide ribs & even better cheese sticks.

So who ever says signage dosen't work in regards 2 business, 

think again.


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Saturday, August 25, 2012


It's hard 2 believe 4 years have passed since the historical election where Obama made history. 
Since then, many bills have been passed & progress made....

Unfortunately due 2 the continuous string of massive debacles made from previous administrations, the hole has become way 2 deep for instant recovery...(that's a fact.)

So here we are with a screwed economy, no jobs, a housing market not worth trusting, ruthless banks, a food crisis, students leaving college in major debt without a job 2 go 2
...the list goes on & on.
No matter how you look @ it, people are suffering without a realistic end in sight.

So what's next?...
You decide.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Imagined 1st.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After Dark.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


There are a plenty of contrast that could be made between the north & south. 
From it's retail 2 the actual people.
(just a lil' different.)

This massive adjustment has certainly been an eye opener.

We've grown 2 realize that there's life beyond borders & it's
not where you're from but rather where you're @. 
(a famous quote from the days of old).

So as the "Georgia" sun continues 2 shine,  we'll continue 2 make the mark even if it's simply checkin' the mail while laying in the middle of the street. 

No matter how you look @ it, just consider it art...
Yep! ;)

Peace!....with 2 fingers;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Until then....

Here we are where another day goes by & hope lingers. 

A positive attitude & constant reminders 2 self keeps it all in proper perspective that everything will eventually fall into it's rightful place.

That famous quote, "Everything happens for a reason." remains so very true....then again so does..."Not knowing what tomorrow brings." 

So as each day goes by a much clearer understanding of what's most important rings undeniably in my head. 

Similar 2 a puzzle with a million pieces. 
One @ a time until it's finally completed then BAM!!!...
Picasso biyatch! ;) lmao!!

Yeah...everything has a purpose & ultimate reason.....

Until then.....

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


When asked 2 do a local wedding for a bit of videography experience, it was difficult 2 decline....
(@ the time..)

Looking back @ everything, I'll have 2 say it was one for the taking but dayum...
(People will be people i suppose.)

Though not well versed in weddings which requires planning on both ends & proper execution, it came out pretty well....
(thanks 2 me & only me....sheeesh!)

At least I have something 2 add 2 my portfolio of uncanny experiences. 
That's a more positive way 2 look @ it.

Would I ever do it again?


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Tammy & myself decided 2 take a trip 2 the local gym for a bit of cardio. 
As life continues 2 creep by, we find it best 2 keep up with it.....(Uggghhhh!!)

No one never said it'll take so much effort but then again maybe we weren't paying much attention. 
Keepin' healthy & feelin' good about self in your 40's requires some serious dedication...
(yes indeed)...
but man is it worth it....(Whew!)
The same attitude is applied 2 everyday living & all that we forever do. 

None is perfect but with effort & dedication all is possible more now than ever before.
Either we "RISE" or we fall....
Which would you choose?

Ok...time for the treadmill....gotta go!!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Don't Worry.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


It’s sorta funny looking @ the videos & pics accumulated over the past few years. 
What started out as a creative way 2 gather life moments for personal satisfaction has become more of a shared….Adventure.
What a better way 2 make your mark on the world with a personal message….Peace!…with 2 fingers?

Yep!..this is my forum, voice & message…

(He, he, he…..ok, ok, ok..)
Anyways, wanted 2 say “Thanks” 2 those who drop by from time 2 time & leave kind encouraging words. 
We all can use that every now & then especially these days where craziness thrives.

Peace!….with 2 fingers;)