Sunday, January 24, 2016


Whaddup! We're officially in the new year & continue 2 be amazed @ how time flies. 
(Wow! been bloggin' for nearly 8 years.) 

This is also my first hefy blog post of 2016 with a lil' extra.
I'm always trying 2 do something original with the brand & usually it takes off without a hitch.
Let me start by giving you the set up....
Wages for an aspiring artist can get tight @ times, well just until I get that million dollar contract. 
(It's gonna happen dammit!)

So until then, I work a real job. (dayum, I know!)

Anyways...while at the gig, I come 2 the acquaintance of this highly energetic guy named Victor originally from Boston who just happens 2 be pretty fierce with the oil paint. 

(Hmmm...I see an idea coming on)...

Despite the wicked cold weather, we decide 2 hook up for the PW2 experience. 

So with the trusty Canon we decide 2 play it by ear & do something unique with character development & spontaneity. 
(Ok, ok, the paint on the hands was Victor's idea;)

It always works out better when things are organic.

There's a greater appreciation for  fellow artist of all types & he's no exclusion. 

Which is why a reminder was necessarily in store during this whole process. 

Never judge a book by its cover. 
What you may think is furthest from the truth until you decide 2 open the door & look beyond yourself.

When all was said & done, we had enough material for a funky portfolio featuring Mr. Victor, his creative oil paintings & 2 videos
...that's right 2!
(Now that's a project!)

...Not just any project but... 
The PW2 Project.
(Oh...did I add that he's a massive hip hop junkie! Great tymes.  lol...who knew.)

Ok...who's next.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)