Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I've never really had a chance 2 
appreciate the sights around 
the block so decided 2 stroll 
through the RedBank. 
 Since the day is nice why not enjoy it....right?

First off, made my way through 
the central gym then 
over 2 the local community center
& convience store where I've never laid a foot.
(no reason, just haven't.)

Seems pretty ordinary, 
nothing special but with the trusty Canon 
maybe...just maybe I could find a way 2 capture something kinda cool.

This is really a far, far cry from Chicago's
touch but no matter how common, 
bringing it all together 
seems worth the effort...
...besides, I "adapted" way 2 often as a shorty so this is nothing new;)

Sharing the perspective is what 
it's all about even here in this place we call 

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Double Secret Probation.

It's most fulfilling as an artist 2
create an image & brand from scratch.
Somehow, someway it takes on a life of it's own from top 2 bottom.

Ideal of perception is what it's all about
so why not make something worth perceiving.
Brand & all.
Recently I received an invitation 2 check out 
a local band practice 
& thought I'll bring along the trusty Canon...
(just in case I was inspired).

They call themselves 
Double Secret Probation 
& comes across as vintage 80's rock
with some front man action from 
Tom McPockets.

...thanks for the invite;)
Here's a brief run through of some creative 
direction after the experience. 
You gotta start somewhere, so why not here.

Point taken.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Friday, May 13, 2016


Time for an early start 
with lots 2 do...

Saturdays are usually my lazy day 
& much rather sit & watch a game or 2.

Time 2 play parent as Khalid & I go 
for that bi-weekly cut @ local spot 
unfortunately doors aren't open...again.
Dayum!...C'mon MAN! lol

"Yo dad, how about some Little Ceasers."
You see, pizza has become the common gourmet for Khalid
 cause he fails 2 appreciate Dad's cooking.

In retrospect, seems like no one ever did. 
Well at least I try.
This is also the day when Lady Tammy 
picks up her Brandnew ride. 
A Ford Escape.
(see how I put that together?;) 

Came along for the ride & thought 
It'll be cool 2 once again, as usual, bring 
along the trusty Canon.

Whatever that brings a smile 
2 Lady Tamm's face has a 
right 2 be captured.

ya think?

Oh yeah!...let's ride.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)