Thanks for stoppin' by 
Peace!...with 2 Fingers;). 

The name is Darryl Weddington
originally from the Wicked Windy City of Chi-town.
A place I will always call HOME.

Now residing on the east coast in the state of Maine. 

Maine you say?....

yeeeeeeeeeeep, Maine. (lol)

They say "it's not where you're from but where you're at"....

we shall see.
As a product of such an amazing city that I truly appreciate & alma mata Columbia College ChicagoI've grown with actually having a creative hobby. 
(now that's funny.)

Peace!...with 2 fingers is a brand created 2 share a creative platform ....with a message.

I like 2 call myself a fan of the camera & find satisfaction capturing life's moments with photo & the amazing impact of video.

I still smile from time 2 time when seeing my young self 5 years ago on a music video. 

Thank goodness for the advancement of digital for now I'm able 2 do things I've only 
dreamed of 20 years ago. 
Believe me I've tried.
Understanding the occasional need for that 
usual point & shoot portrait action, 
why not make it a bit more interesting with a lil' twist.... 

River. from The Weddington Adventures. on Vimeo.
One last thing, 
I'm available for future 
projects if interested...
(just saying')
 drop me a note....

or email.

lookin' forward ;)


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. hey just wanted to let you know that I think you're really positive and inspiring.
    I love positiveness and creativity. keep up the good work.
    (Currently residing in Dallas Texas.. because that's true.. it's not where you from it is where your at. Straight up. :-)

    1. Hey ChyMaree! How's everything going your way in Dallas? Far cry from Chicago but moves on....right?;) Living here in Maine has become a social experiment of sorts. Anyways, thanks so very much for the kind words. Being peaceful & inspiring takes a bit of responsibility so I try everyday 2 be a better person. It takes some work but it's worth it. Again, thank you, keep in touch & continue 2 spread the word while saturate the madness with Peace!...with 2 fingers;)))));)

  2. I love it !!(saturate th madness)inr) yeah Dallas is different than Chicago ...but then again Chicago is different than any other place in the country. I don't see anything wrong with living in Maine..if Maine proves to be the better place for you to be. you have to expand your options in this world and it's good that you're not like most people from there who don't see life outside of there. that's all we can do is try to be better people today then we were yesterday. yes no problem - the kind words.there should be more in the world.. you know what I mean. so quick question I want to see that show that hasnt came out ...choices..when is that going to come out are you even doing that project anymore?

    1. So sorry that I responded many months later. Still trying 2 put this whole thing together. Chipping away at it sorta speak. Yeah, I finished that "Choice" project but changed the name 2 "Awakenings". Hope things are moving along your way;)

      Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


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