Saturday, October 20, 2018


Because of Who I Am LLC (BOWIA) is a company I founded in July 2018 that includes BowiaBrand products (a confident expression products company) and Khalade3 Publishing. Persevering through life’s ups and downs inspired me to start BOWIA as a way to share empowering ideas. 
I believe despite my life experiences my spirit has not been broken in large part because of who I am at the core. Each individual has “something” inside that keeps them going when life gets dark, but may have to dig really deep to find it at times, and that is okay.
The idea for the name of the company came to me over 13 years ago when life was pretty challenging. At that time, I thought I’d one day write a book about my life experiences and be able to celebrate how I made it through.  I am happy to report that life has gotten so much  better since then. 😊🙌🏾   
My plans have changed a bit and instead of writing one book I plan to self- publish a series of Because Of Who I Am books with stories from people detailing how they have been able to survive life’s challenges because of who they are.  Each of the items sold in the BowiaBrand store contains a confident expression I use to keep me motivated. 
BOWIA seeks to inspire individuals to be their authentic self, to find their purpose and live life with confidence.   BOWIA aims to make self-confidence the standard, not the exception.
Your support in this new journey is appreciated.
In Peace,
                         Inspiration. Purpose. Confidence.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


In this dire time where human rights are jeopardized & lives seem not 2 matter, I find it appropriate 2 reintroduce a period where people actually fought for what they believed in.

The Black Panther Party's bold approach to gun rights & police brutality has absolute relevance 50 years later! 

Have things actually chanced since then? 
Depends on who you ask.
From my experience in this life history has the tendency 2 repeat itself while learning from previous mistakes & making necessary adjustments. So where do we go from here?

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)