Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Tammy & myself decided 2 take a trip 2 the local gym for a bit of cardio. 
As life continues 2 creep by, we find it best 2 keep up with it.....(Uggghhhh!!)

No one never said it'll take so much effort but then again maybe we weren't paying much attention. 
Keepin' healthy & feelin' good about self in your 40's requires some serious dedication...
(yes indeed)...
but man is it worth it....(Whew!)
The same attitude is applied 2 everyday living & all that we forever do. 

None is perfect but with effort & dedication all is possible more now than ever before.
Either we "RISE" or we fall....
Which would you choose?

Ok...time for the treadmill....gotta go!!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. Oh boy......I got tired just watching. LOL I think I prefer walking. Even if I'm distracted by pretty flowers and neighbors greeting me and happy puppies trying to con a pet or two--I'm passing on those machines!.... LOL

  2. Good for you two…A for effort for both of you! Better than I did today. Love Tammy’s peace earrings! And your necklace too.


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