Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Me. Eats #2 - Happy Gardens Chinese

Out & about once again for some sit in @ another random spot. 
So what's on todays palette? 
Hmmm..lets see..

Chinese again? 
Yep!...This time we find ourselves in something happy...
That'll be "Happy Gardens Chinese"

You know we just had 2 drop by a place that had the word "Happy" in it. 
Ok then...the experience....

For starters, they really needed 2 space the chair/ table ratio for a 6"4, 250 plus guy. 
It can get really

After not eaten since the previous night, 
we could've literally eaten a horse 
by now....forreal!

I ordered something called Triple Delight which had the old school, true deal going on. 
(May have had a little bit extra onion but still good 2 go.)

Many spots nowadays don't put their backs into it like before...
especially down there in the south.
That's why this was a real sweet treat...Oh yes! 

Can't believe it's been nearly a year (since the Chicago days) that I even smelled anything as real.
Anyways, Tammy went for the General T'so Chicken 
(not spicy of course) 
which she called 
tangy & succulent. 
lol...really though? 
(Thought that was only in commercials.)

...along with chicken & beef teriaki....
so tender that it laid helplessly on the stick...
Oh yeah, can't forget the duck sauce that Lady Tammy claims would "Quack" you up...lmao..


Anyhoot, there were very few words exchanged across the table for a period of time cause we both were busy 
stuffin' our pretty faces....

Sure was.

So outta 5 fingers, guess we gotta give it a 4. 

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. Oh my GOSH!!! I would adore some Chinese about now. And NO...disallowed cuz there's wheat(believe it or not) in soy sauce. *sigh* We have found an organic one without we ain't Chinese. LOL. So I settle for a stir fry and pretend.... I am soooo drooling over the thought of the chicken stuff.
    LOL They think in size of average height for their culture maybe? If it's a 4 outta5.......MOVE THE TABLE and bring ON the food!

    1. That's awesome! lol....For starters, never knew there was wheat in soy sauce. Cereal sauce...nope! The chinese experience was cool but wouldn't be a regular for the excess sodium....Uggghh!!! Stir fry seems more up my alley anyways. As for the table / chair ratio, it makes much sense. There's no way you can compare a chinese person 2 myself regarding size for I am all MAN...hear me ROAR!!!!! lmao. Moving the table? Believe me I tried but it was bolted 2 the floor! Great experience none the less...Yep!

      Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


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