Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Whimsical Moment.

We've been here in South Portland, Maine for nearly 
2 weeks now & just finally gathered the chance 2 
regain our scruples. 

Making such a spontaneous life transition could appear scary 
but we've certainly seem 2 have taken it 
all in stride...
(thus far).
You see...
Most people dare not leave the comfort zone 
for the dreaded feeling of vulnerability 
but then again
we're not most people....

It's a bit daring doing what we do but that's 
what it's all about. 

You know.... 
that whimsical moment of uncertainty where life just takes you wherever. 
 Isn't it great! ;)

Thank goodness healthy attitudes (well...kinda sorta) 
have been able 2 place us mostly on the winning side. 

Knowing nothing is never perfect, 
it's just the way we like it 
for imperfections are real.

As for the uncertainty that lays ahead, 
it's mostly one of life's adventures
for me coming from the Chicago midwest & all.
(like really? 

As for Lady Tammy, 
after making the crazed move 
2 my hometown Chicago in 2009 
& the horrid Georgia excursion 
in 2012,
this is originally her home for over the last 20 years 
which is where she truly belongs....

So if you've ever been a non-believer 
that life happens in cycles from 
one end & back again
....then just maybe you outta think twice.

Yep!...until next time.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

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