Wednesday, February 6, 2013

22 Hours & 15 States.

After nearly an entire year in the backwoods of Sharpsburg, Georgia, finally we decided 2 head back across the Dixie Line 2 
Tammy's original spot - Portland, Maine.

On the way, we were faced with that grueling 22 hour, 15 state excursion which left us in complete awe & exhaustion. 
So with roof bag in tow, Slappy 
(our little tabby in which we lost on day 1) 
& trusty Canon, off we went on another one of those crazed Weddington Adventures. 

(nothing special...)
(pretty clean place...)
Rhode Island
...(blah, blah, blah..)
District of Columbia 
(wanted 2 stop by the White House but made a wrong turn. 
Oh well, maybe next time.)
(Had a cool time with the employees @ Dunkin Donuts...thanks)
(I'm diggin' Philly & the incredible architecture but dayum! I really thought that LOVE sign was much Either case, we had a ball!!) 
New Jersey
...(Nothing much 2 write home about.)
New York
...(Lots of tolls & just way 2 many people...If you're gonna charge $13.00 then at least 
fix your streets...)

Anyway, you get the point.

Uncertain of what's around the corner @ our final destination of Portland, Maine, there's no doubt that whatever it is, 
it'll definitely be well worth the trip....yep!!! 
Well...until then...

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. Okay....I'll blame you! I really, really, REALLY wanna roadtrip! NOT that I wanna take off and move to Maine, or shell out the $13 in toll charges (lemme break it to ya that Chicago doesn't do much better on the conditions of their tollways...*ahem*)
    Oh.......but what great fun.
    'Cept for losing the cat......TELL ME YOU FOUND THE KITTY! Oh please.......

    1. The road trip was sooooo much more fun than expected. Yep you're so very right. Chicago definitely have some sucky tolls as well. Guess it'll be a toss up between Chicago & New York....*ahem*. We lost Slappy the very first night here in Portland. Sucks that after driving 22 + hours in the back seat meowin & all you end up getting lost in sub zero weather. Sad, sad, sad....especially for Lady Tammy. So 2 answer your question luck ;(

      Hopefully he'll find his way back....until then...

      Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

  2. Oh no. Well, you'll just have to hug your Lady a big hug and let her know the Big Guy's got plans for Slappy and they're good plans!
    Even if it's mousing like never before!
    It's okay to be sad--gosh, that would be a tough one.

    Hugs to you both!

    1. Yeah. It was pretty tough but things are coming back together finally. Well you never know how they say cats have 9 lives....

      Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


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