Monday, July 16, 2012


I've always been one that find most gratification watching & reading that incite thought, understanding, revelation. 
The more you know the better right?

Refusing 2 be left in the dark on what's around me, I stand 2 readily prepared for any situation.

I mean, how could a Jerry Springer or a Maury Povich fill such a void that appears so much more important?  Who really cares about Tom Cruise's divorce & his obsession with cults? 

Well as of late, there just so happen 2 be way, way, way 2 much going on. 

So many so called natural disasters where lives are completely destroyed.....fires, floods, crazy heat in the most unusual places...

Then there seems 2 be some sorta major food crisis where prices are ridiculously through the roof. 
Hmmm...maybe that's why you're seeing cannibalism going on nowadays. Snortin' bath salts?
Literally eating people?

No way around it, there definitely an EMERGENCY situation going on...

Something 2 think about for sure...


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

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  1. Yeah.....I'm with ya.... WAY too much stuff going on.
    I adore being away from the noise and hype. No MARTA around here..LOL Just tractors......cows....corn and lots of quiet.

    Dunno what's going on with the world right now--but I do know that it ain't so pretty.


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