Friday, July 13, 2012

Ass-Kickin' 101.

There are just some things misunderstood until after the fact. 
Similar 2 a child learning not 2 play with fire after getting burned that one dredful time. 
Usually it takes only once but for others...well, I guess the curiosity continues 2 kill the cat.

Speaking of cats, new addition "Slappy" (who's a mere 3 months) 
finds it upon himself regularly 2 venture out into the backwoods of Georgia with no regard....(meow, meow, meow)

Despite the awesome wisdom of it's owner, 
(**clear throat) he makes it a priority 2 see the world from the backwoods perspective only 2 return bruised & beaten.... (again).

What happened Slappernator? (That's his nickname if you're wonderin')
Chances are it's the crew of hillbilly felines awaiting in the deep shadows for a crash course in ass kickin' 101.
"Dayum Tammy....maybe we outta keep him in the pad...."

That was several weeks ago.

Since, with a visit 2 the vet for battle wounds & 2 ass kickins later, we think he understands.

(Well maybe...)
Guess his name is fittin' for the ocassion getting "Slapped" around & all...lmao!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. *laughing!!*

    Well named!!

    And if I know cats......ummmmmm.....prepare for more vet bills? :-/

    They're not dumb--just determined!

    1. Determined maybe but dayum!....Why keep lookin' for an ass kickin'? Royally I may add. lmao:)))

  2. Slappy is a pretty cat, a curious cat, and aptly named! LOL! Knows no fear apparently! Hope he stays far away from that gang of felines now, stays closer to home. I had cats years ago before I was married. Loved them but I had some toms who liked to stray! I adopt rescued dogs now I still love cats, love their independence and unpredictability.


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