Friday, April 20, 2012


The last 9 months have been one crazed ride. The emotional roller coaster & the newfound understanding of self has been enough 2 blow a gasket. 

That's just how life works supposedly. 

Without such there's no growth...but dayum! 

Over the last 3 months, life's education has been extremely valuable & what some would call eye opening. 

Whew!...Man I wouldn't take any of it back even if I could.....ok, ok...maybe just a bit. lol

It's great 2 know someone who's critically conscious as Lady Tammy who can pin point nearly every bad habit & pattern of behavior.  

Makes me wonder if I would've ever noticed any of it without her. Chances are, I wouldn't.

I'm speaking more so about the power of mood. An extremely powerful emotion that can dictate the moment & determine life's decisions from day 2 day. 

Knowing that, the importance 2 manage such a thing has become priority #1. 

It can either make or break & that's a chance I'm just not looking 2 take. 

Yep!'s a bitch. A bitch I'm willing 2 handle. (he, he, he)

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. Made me smile.....maybe that's an odd response, huh? LOL It's all good--you get to go through what you need to go through to find yourself where you're suppose to be, eh? And people get put in our lives for reasons--thank goodness.... There's many reasons for you and Ms. Tammy--all reasons to celebrate.
    Ain't always comfy/fun to discover things about ourselves, but dang......where would we be if we didn't......

    1. Yeah, yeah.....agreed but Dayum! This relationship stuff is heavy & requires some serious responsibility. Thought I knew it all by the age of 41 but just noticed the milk behind the ears. Life is constant change & moving with it requires effort 2 the third degree. Life. ...gotta love it.....yep!

      Peace!....with 2 fingers;)


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