Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hmmmp!....another day.
Needed 2 do a bit detoxin' so been away for a bit... but then again who really cares. Right? lol.
Been on that constant personal journey with self & once again another testament slaps me straight across the dayum face.
Constructively passin' the time, decided 2 do a 
 crisper upgrade @ 2.0 with the whole 
"Weddington" thing.

Gotta do something 2 keep my head 
outta the dumps. 
Ya know?

Knowledge is infinite & you're never 2 old 2 know.
That's a tough pill for some 2 swallow 
but remains constant and true.

One minute you're comfortable and easy then...

Something comes along with a 
different turn which makes you 
want it so much more.
This time it's gonna take effort & some extra work. 
That's cool cause it's worth it & is why I'm takin' it 

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. Of course it's worth it. You're worth it--regardless of what you believe the circumstances say about you. (they don't say JACK about you, just so ya know.....)

    I don't know what's smacked you hard. But I do know about 'hard pills to swallow' and the need to slow it down and decide what it is you truly want--what it is that's important in your life and TO your life.
    Just remember that you're important in the mixupedness of all this 'hard pill' swallowing 'stuff'.
    I know you'll remember.
    I'll remind you! HA!! ;-)

    Slow is good.
    Slow and steady.....gooder.

    Take care of you, right?

  2. Wow!. thanks a plenty for the encouraging words. Things will surely get better in time but in the meanwhile, this LIFE stuff sucks some major booty. It's 0% in the physical...100% in the emotional. That's what make everything so difficult. The emotional. Guess that's what makes us human...right? Once again, thanks for the kind words & yes I will remember. Next time.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


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