Monday, February 27, 2017

The J5ive.

Had another random thought moment & felt the need 2 bring up the old with the new. 
As a youngster, the enthusiasm for the Jackson 5 with the music 
 & style made them one of my most favorites.  (looking back I find it a bit 
unusual how much of a fan I actually was.)

Originally from smalltown Gary, Indiana, they had the brand perfected & 
made them into something much bigger than just a local act.
Living only 30 minutes from Gary, I can remember looking for a way there 
so I could just see the house they lived in. Since then, i've been a 3 times. lol;)

Big Boy, released on Steeltown Records was a pretty decent indication what was to come. 
Yep, I always hoped the local radio stations would play it due 2
 it being such a rare find. 

Play/Record button locked & loaded. 

After the Jackson 5 were recommended to Gordy by another Motown act - Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers - they were signed to the label in 1969 and left the midwest for the glitz of Hollywood to be pampered and polished as a coming major act. 

By January of 1970 their debut Motwon single I want You Back (which had 
originally been intented for Gladys Knight) & became number one 
on the charts & sold over a million copies. 

The follow-up ABC did likewise, achieving the distinction of toppling The Beatles' Let It Be from the Billboard top spot. The list of their other hits is enormous and includes The Love You Save, I'll Be There, Mama's pearl & Never Can Say Goodbye 

(I felt it was necessary 2 name each & every song cause sometimes 
people tend 2 have amnesia & totally forget.)

I mean, before there was a New Edition, Jodeci, 112, Boyz 2 Men, Backstreets Boys, N'Sync, LFO, 98 Degrees, West Life, H-Town, B2K.....(you get the point.)....
there was the J5!!

...They even had the nerve 2 have a cartoon series which I personally watched religiously.....Ok, enough of the ranting' . Either case, here's my tribute 2 the most influential group in regards 2 music in my lifetime....ok, one of em'

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

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