Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gimme a Call.

Steppin' out 2 give a lil' hello 2 family & current happenings in my world as of late..
Hey Mama. (everything is fine. don't worry) 
Sister Jackie. (keep smiling'). Brother Reggie (keep on singing' man). Kenny. (you're superdad!)...Sister Viv. (always thinking of you.) Al Jr. (hawks win!). Kenya (so you're a doctor now!). Shantel. (did we lose you 2 vegas! where are you? lol). Ken Jr. (finished high school in nearly 3 years....whew!). Kayla (play that piano gurl.) Lil' Cory. (we have our very own deion sanders. go get em'!). sister in law Danielle. (love your hair...envy) Cousin Sheryl. (remember those SIU dayz? oh boy!) Sandra. (you're such the diva just like yo' mama!!)...Hey Fannie:). What's up Karla & Tiff (grown azz women...i see you). June. (what's up man. wish we were closer). Extended family... (can't wait 2 meet ya!)

Man, I miss Chicago.

Lately I've been inspired 2 capture some new engaging moment with my Canon 7d & cut up some video but dayum this weather.!

Simply put, I feel nil pleasure from sub zero temps 
& 20 foot snow drifts.
It's Cabin Fever dammit!! lol.

Pretty much living the routine. Chill work sleep work...(twiddle my thumbs...then back 2 work (in that order). There's surely an urgency 2 reestablish the local scene & get out the house for a change...sooner than later.

For now, Thank goodness for the 27' inch IMac which has come 2 save the day on a many occasion.
That's where I go 2 make a beautiful picture, write a blog or cut a music video.
What else could an artist ask for? ;)

Until next time...

Hey Ma...gimme a call ;)

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

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