Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello World.

Hello ladies & gents. People from every region both near & far.  
We would like 2 formerly introduce ourselves as something a lil’ bit different from your typical dynamic. 

No we can’t fly nor leap tall buildings in a single bound…yet still,
we’re pretty special stuff.

 We’re crazed & artistically favored with a creative edge.
 We enjoy making the simple more, the small bigger & the weak stronger.
Meeting on Facebook nearly 5 years ago we’ve had the great opportunity 2 document our journey & as previously mentioned, made them so much more. 

Photography has always been a hobby where moments are captured & relived – FLICKR:.
That’s an awesome craft 2 share & will always remain one of our passions…
but also…
It wasn’t soon after we met that Lady Tammy picked up a small cheap portable Kodak camera from the local Walmart which eventually sparked an interest in
capturing our lives through video.

Now how cool is that where you’re able 2 relive life in full complete motion….Woohoo! 

So….with music we’ve create a series of YOUTUBE music videos we like 2 call The Weddington Adventures:

So what is there 2 do with a slew of pictures & music videos?
hmmm…How about a blog?
Peace!…with 2 fingers;):
 The Weddington Adventures:
So in retrospect, with music video & cool photography we’re able 2 enjoy & periodically update / share our awesome experiences as they come. 
Unsure of every situation, it’s interesting 2 see what actually happens next.
So continue 2 drop by from time 2 time while we continue what we do best….

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

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