Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day #3

The music video thing has always been THE most favorite 
things 2 do.

Music with captured moments seems 2 mark the experience like no other but from time 2 time a bit of documentary appears 2 take it over the top....

Yep!....(that's my new word.)

That's why taking an easy stroll through the neighborhood of Roger Park seem 2 be the right thing 2 do. 

The signage, venues & trains makes it what it truly is. 

Why not? 
That's what i see on the regular so lets share it.

It's nothing spectacular but walking out the door everyday makes it my reality & that's OK. 

So come take a walk through the neighborhood & see what I see...


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. *chuckling* That was a fun little trip!


    I dare to share that there IS no Walgreens in this bitty two stoplight town....oh wait--that's three stoplights (added one three years ago!). But alas and alack.........NO Walgreens.
    No Chinese either.
    And no place with goat cheese salads and no trains, elevated or ground level!! LOL
    We do have a grocery store--which closes 8pm on Saturday night and doesn't reopen until 8am Monday.
    Oh--and we have a hardware store with a crank handle cash register.
    *laughing* True!

  2. Dayum! Now that's some easy livin'! Sure 2 be an experience unlike anything i've ever imagined....then again, easier is usually better. Especially these days. Yep!...

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


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