Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sometimes I feel so alone with the need 
2 turn around on my own. 
Lost more everyday where it's tough 2 tear away from the madness.
Constantly remind self daily 2 stay true 2 my own terms 
& allow you 2 be who you need 2 be.
It's like living on the "Moon" where it couldn't be any stranger
with no need 2 be self conscious 2 a fault - with people everywhere.

This is my own atmosphere where 
the stars in the sky are mine.

It's the cost of getting out of here alive.


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. Ah. As luck would have it, this one the computer let me view.
    Very strong words.
    Very strong message.
    Very strong emotions attached.

    I don't know about 'getting out of here alive'--but I do know about my responsibility to 'live' exactly where my feet land, every day.
    Some days it's more work than I care for it to be--other makes the world around me nutz.
    *laughing* I adore that. ;-)


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