Friday, October 21, 2011


Her soul that adored such a man now aches from the lies... 
- big & small. 

Unable 2 fully grasp the true concept, I've caused pain where hearts have been broken & dreams made no more.
Forced 2 take steep steps I'm left with the only option 2 tear down artificial walls made of glass 
& be renewed. 

Love -
Had it square in my hands 2 only lose it from uncertainty. 

In the meanwhile she stands in a place of surrender while maintaining that shimmer of hope & awesome LOVE of self.

Knowing she's much more than what she's allowed  herself 2 receive.

What a MESS I've made. 

Love you still.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


  1. I've read this multiple times. I've watched the video.
    And I'm torn.
    I have no words to heal. We get to live the results of our choices and sometimes that's painful. Horribly painful.

    I believe that all things work for the good.
    Now, granted I don't get to see that in the moment and all I see and feel is the pain.
    But I'm pretty sure it's suppose to feel painful when I've strayed from the values/principles I've claimed as 'mine' but failed to live. It harms me, it harms others. I've yet to experience that differently. Happens every time for me.

    It also has worked out for the good, every time-- for me. Painful, every time--but hindsight gives me the wisdom that I had to go through what I had to go through to get to where I am TODAY.
    Was it worth it-- Dealing in the painful lessons to be where my feet are TODAY?

    Every single last gut-wrenchingly painful experience.

    Be a bit kinder to you.
    You're grieving, you're sad. You're human.
    You're a loving, like me, are not done growing yet.

    *sending prayers of peacefulness*

  2. That was absolute awesomeness! Thanks a plenty. Really appreciated.:)))))

    Peace!.....with 2 fingers;)


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